CountThing from Photos

This application helps companies to automate counting for inventory, dispatching or purchasing. Just open the application, choose a suitable Counting Template, take a picture and count.  


Steps to get your 7 days FREE:
1) Go to the APP STORE or MARKET-PLACE of your cell phone.
2) Search our program COUNTTHINGS FROM PHOTOS
3) Download the program
4) After entering the program, you will be asked to log in with an email address (ideally choose a company email), after activating, you will have the full version for 7 days with unlimited counting!
5) It is recommended to download more templates from the application!
6) ENJOY the technology. We know it will be very useful to streamline your processes, improve your security and accuracy of your counts!
In case you need a quotation please request to, we also have invoicing and the option that can be charged to an Industrial windows tablet (we also have stock available).

Download 7-day free trial


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